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BLACK KALA Serpentine Pendant

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❨ Exclusivité KĀLA ❩
Serpentine pendant decorated with hand-engraved motifs in 925 Sterling Silver and 925 Sterling Silver 18k gold-plated, with stainless steel and gold-plated chain.

The snake is one of the most widespread mythological symbols. Associated with the oldest rituals, it represents the double expression of good and evil, transformation, spiritual wisdom and rootedness. In the collective imagination, the snake stands out as a symbol of initiation and rebirth. Changing skin by moulting, it embodies metamorphosis, immortality and healing.

In Goddess worship, the snake is a reminder of fertility, the creative life force. It evokes the umbilical cord, joining the human to Mother Earth. Serpents were depicted as the proteges of the Great Goddess, revered as guardians of her mysteries. In the Book of Genesis, the serpent evokes temptation, since it lured Eve into the Garden of Eden with the promise of forbidden knowledge. In several Mesoamerican cultures, he is a figure of power, a portal between the two worlds. In Maya cosmology, it opens a door to the spiritual world since it allows the transmission of wisdom from the invisible world. In folk traditions and fairy tales, the serpent often appears as an animal bestowing unique powers. Anyone who encounters the serpent will be endowed with new virtues.

In Hinduism, the snake is venerated as a deity since it is a symbol of Kundalini Sakti, the primordial energy of man or more exactly, a concentration of primordial and divine energies. Symbolizing spiritual transformation, the Kundalini is an essential component of the human. When the serpent of fire (Kundalini) awakens, it coils up the spine and awakens the chakras (energy centers) as it passes. By opening, the chakras release flows of primordial and divine energies existing in each of us, favoring the development of consciousness and participation in cosmic life. Also among the Hindus, the nāga, meaning "snake", is a venerated mythical being, guardian of the treasures of nature. Ananta, the most famous nāga rests on Vishnu in the interval between the end of one world and the creation of a new one, while Vāsuki, being represented with one or seven heads is circled around the body of Siva in the form of necklace.

Dimensions : 1,5 cm x 3 cm

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