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For Valentine's Day, let's take care of ourselves!

For Valentine's Day, let's take care of ourselves!

Already February… The cold and the snow are still there, the days are getting longer for our plus great happiness and as every year the Christmas garlands gave way to roses and hearts.

Here we are, Valentine's Day soon! Although this holiday is dear to many, it is still far from unanimous. Some are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​this beautiful day celebrating the couple, others are indifferent, convinced that it is a commercial party loaded with sexist clichés (hello the injunctions to beauty , home appliance gifts).

Whether we are for a counter, one thing is certain, it is not pleasant and happy for everyone. People who are single, widowed, far from their lover, victims of violence... can feel isolated during this celebration of love. Sometimes it's the entourage that puts pressure: "So when are you going to present someone ? ", "What are you doing for Valentine's Day? or "Are you just going to buy her that diamond ring?" .

So at Belle et Rebelle, we made the choice this year to take care of ourselves first and foremost . We decided to add to the feast of lovers, the feast of love for oneself! Let's take this opportunity to celebrate the love of what we are, the love of our beautiful evolution, the love for all these battles won and these goals achieved.

Whether alone, in the arms of your lover or with your friend at four legs, hiking, in your bath or crushed on the couch, in the restaurant or with a little homemade dish... We want to invite you to take this day to do what you love , surrounded by people you care about. And above all, don't forget, you are a wonderful person!

PS: For Valentine's Day, we're giving you the chance to win a Selv immersive kit and a Blush set of your choice! To participate, go to our Instagram page by clicking here: COMPETITION❤️

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