Livraison GRATUITE 150$ et plus

Livraison GRATUITE : 150$ et plus

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To keep your jewels in their original state, give them some care to clean them and give them a great shine!


Several of our designers use pewter to make their jewelry. Bring them back to shine by cleaning them with a dry silverware cloth. To make your pewter jewelery shine, you can also rub it with a non-abrasive scouring powder. You will need to rinse and dry your jewelry completely before wearing it again.


To protect your jewelry with gold, copper or bronze plating, we recommend that you do not wear it in water, when you play sports and do not wear it with perfume or if your skin is acidic. They can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Clean them by making small circles between your fingers.


The more you wear your silver jewelry the less it will tarnish. Silver jewelry that you don't wear often can be stored in a small airtight plastic bag, away from the air and protected from direct sunlight. Tarnished silver can be cleaned with a dry silver cloth or with a product intended for this purpose. You will also find many natural tips on the internet!


When wearing pearl jewelry avoid contact with soaps, chemicals or abrasives. After wearing your pearl jewelry, you can clean it under warm water and wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any traces of products, cosmetics or perspiration.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is a material that oxidizes easily in the air over time. It is therefore recommended not to wear your jewelry in water and not to put perfume on the jewelry. It is not suitable for sensitive or acidic skin. In addition, to maintain your jewelry and restore its shine, you can clean it with soapy water, toothpaste or coca-cola.


Wood jewelry should avoid water. It is therefore important to keep them in a dry place. They should also avoid contact with perfume and/or creams. You can clean your jewelry in hot water with a mild product. However, it is important to dry the jewel immediately and not to let it soak in water so as not to damage your wood.


You can wear your stainless steel jewelry in the water and even at the spa. This is a jewel that will last you a very long time and will keep its beautiful silver color. To clean it, you can use soapy water with a cloth.


Copper jewelry tends to oxidize in the air. It is therefore important to keep your jewelry in a dry place. It is also recommended to put them in a small well-closed plastic bag. You can clean your copper jewelry with a damp cloth or lemon juice or vinegar.