Livraison GRATUITE 120$ et plus

Livraison GRATUITE : 120$ et plus

Plus de 100 créatrices locales à découvrir.

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At the heart of local creation since 2007

Anne Lesperance founded Belle et Rebelle in 2007 in a small location in Rosemont la Petite Patrie, with the desire to promote emerging designers from Quebec and to make local creation as accessible as possible.

What is being Belle et Rebelle?

Be strong and vulnerable, be confident and humble, be bold and cautious, be thoughtful and spontaneous!

Do you feel Belle et Rebelle?

A moment at Belle et Rebelle

Immerse yourself in a warm and friendly universe in which you will find more than a hundred designers and emerging creators, all very talented.

Every week, discover our latest new arrivals selected with care (and with love) as well as exclusive products that you will not find anywhere else: clothing, jewelry, beauty or home accessories.

Originality, attention to detail and quality manufacturing are the essential criteria for each novelty.

The team

We are a team of girls passionate about fashion and the trends of today and tomorrow. Smiling and attentive, our mission is to support you in your shopping experience by sharing our best advice and tips.

The founder

Hello, my name is Anne Lesperance .

I'm 45 and have two grown kids 18 and 19 who I love messing around with!

I am an inveterate traveler and I thrive on projects. Oddly enough, I like all things “arm job” and renovations and I can open a beer with a screwdriver…that makes me very proud!

I have owned Belle et Rebelle since 2007. I oversee operations, marketing and development. I'm also the one who chooses all the clothes you find in store!

manager and director of operations

Hello, my name is Séverine .

I'm a big fan of the outdoors, pottery and DIY of all kinds, I always cross Montreal on my bike looking for new adventures. After some time in Asia and France, I decide that Quebec is where I feel at home.
I started in October 2020 working with the wonderful team at Belle et Rebelle as Director of Operations. I take care of HR, make sure everything is going well in the store and I make the link between customers, marketing and designers.


Allô je m'appelle Céline.

Passionnée par les arts et tout ce qui attrait au design, j'évolue depuis plus de 15 ans dans le développement de produits mode et lifestyle, comme salariée pour le compte d'entreprises textiles puis comme entrepreneure pendant plusieurs années. Ce que je préfère : dénicher de jolies marques et trouver des produits inspirants pour magnifier le quotidien. J'ai pour mission chez Belle&Rebelle de veiller à ce que nos décisions stratégiques (style, approvisionnement, image) et leur mise en œuvre soient alignés avec la vision et les valeurs de la boutique : locale, durable et responsable.

communication and art director

Hello, my name is Julie .

Trained in communication skills and passionate about fashion and graphic art, my job is to highlight, strategically and visually, the projects and values ​​of Belle et Rebelle. My work is my passion, associating myself with a brand that evolves in a modern aesthetic universe and which embodies ethical values, was, for me, essential. So here I am on the team!

floor manager

Hello, my name is Marie-Eve .

I currently hold the position of Floor and Merchandising/Visual Manager.

The value of Belle et Rebelle that represents me the most would be the social and environmental awareness that we and our local creators have.

sales consultant

Hello my name is Luna .

New resident of Quebec. I decided to settle here out of love, and ultimately it's also Montreal that makes my heart beat.

My favorite things in life are laughing and singing. If you see me without my smile, it's because I'm sleeping!

It is my love for human contact that brought me to Belle et Rebelle. I have always been passionate about clothes, each piece has its value and its potential. It is a pleasure for me to help customers find THE perfect outfit, the one in which they will feel good.

sales consultant

Hello, my name is Julie .

I love dancing, playing the ukulele and eating chocolate. Currently, several avenues taken throughout my career overlap: styling at B&R, life coaching and also future dance-wellness projects! I like to explore and connect with people to share good times.

I started in March 2022. I welcome people who visit us and advise them on cuts, colors, patterns, layouts and details that enhance them.

Which Belle et Rebelle value represents you the most? Provide quality customer service, which combines styling advice and product information. All in kindness and good humor! The fact that the products are local as much as possible and ethical also speaks to me.


Allô je m’appelle Charlotte.

Passionnée de voyages et avide d’expériences, j’ai décidé il y a quelques années de venir faire mes études au Québec. Après avoir fait un an en Abitibi-Temiscamingue, je suis venue continuer mon aventure, qui ne s’est d’ailleurs jamais arrêtée, à Montréal. On peut dire que je suis conceptrice multimédia dans la mesure où je me situe à la croisée des arts numériques, de la communication et du design d'évènements. Soutenir la création locale est, selon moi, un service essentiel que propose B&R. C’est ce qui m’a amenée à devenir conseillère à la vente depuis novembre 2023. Je serai présente pour t’accompagner, te conseiller sur nos produits ou préparer ta commande !