Livraison GRATUITE 150$ et plus

Livraison GRATUITE : 150$ et plus

Plus de 100 créatrices locales à découvrir.

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Our values ​​and our commitments are our identity, so it is essential for us to share them with you so that you know a little more about us.

Participate in the local economy

We have affixed a sticker representing a green fleur-de-lis to our products to allow our customers to immediately recognize the origin of the clothes they buy.

By using this labeling method, we want to support local producers and the Quebec fashion industry. Indeed, buying locally made clothing contributes to the creation of jobs in our province, to reducing our carbon footprint, to ensuring that we have sustainable products and respectable working conditions.

ensemble eve gravel rose pâle camisole chemisier à boutons

Offer quality products

Offer a choice of quality, durable and reusable creations rather than disposable products to BUY LESS BUT BETTER.

Locally made products are often of better quality and more durable, giving them priority means you may need to buy them less often.

soutenir les causes qui nous tiennent à coeur féministe femme pancarte

Support the causes that are close to our hearts

It is important for us to offer our help to associations that correspond to us.

Every year we put women in the spotlight on Women's Rights Day, which has a special impact because we are a 100% female team.

This year, we have decided to send our donations to an Afghan feminist organization that fights for women's rights in Afghanistan (We will be happy to give you the name of the organization in private, if you wish.)

achat et vente de créations locales de seconde-main friperie communauté privée sur facebook

Developing the circular economy

We have created a facebook page that allows you and your loved ones to sell or buy second-hand near you. It's a private facebook page that allows you to renew your wardrobe at a lower cost and to create links with the people present in the group, while protecting the environment and supporting the circular economy.


We regularly offer events such as styling workshops, life coaching or even VIP evenings to get to know you better. It is essential for us to create a relationship of trust with our customers in order to offer you a personalized, caring service that suits you.